Is it a DIY project?

I LOVE DIY projects. Especially seeing all the super fun ones you see on Pintrest or Facebook. After starting a project I am sometimes faced with the reality that I've bitten off more than I want/can chew. Which ends up sitting incomplete for some time. Like refinishing the loft bed I bought for our daughter. It seemed like such a great idea at the time. After taking apart the bed, sanding the many many pieces down to the raw wood, priming it (which took several hours over 2 days) now 1 month later as it sits in the garage.... I still have to do the two coats of colour and put it back together. My daughters excitement for a loft bed has not gone away, so I am constantly reminded of my incomplete work. One day I will be proud of the project I was once so gung ho about.(Yes I will post a picture of it when I'm done).

Now lets get to how this relates to you and renovations. DIY projects can be amazingly rewarding! How awesome is it knowing you nailed it!! The cherry on top when others recognize it too. The secret is to set yourself up for success. When you have chosen the project assess the following:

Read the instructions/steps. You now have a good understanding of what needs to happen. Materials, amount of time it will take to complete the project, skill level... those types of things.

Is this possible? Can you make this happen??

What is your skill level? Be honest with yourself to avoid major frustrations. If there's something that you want to practice/learn. or are doing for the first time. Go for it! There's lots of resources that can help you. In the end if you mess it up... you can pay someone to fix it.

Timeline. Realistically how long will the project take you to complete? Does your time line match your needs?? For example. If you decide to renovate your main bathroom. You likely want it to be done in a timely manner so not everyone is having to go into your master bathroom for months on end.

Do research and have all materials on hand before starting your project. It will allow things to move along faster. The other day I had to get nails for a framing gun (which I had never used before). You can be sure before I went to the store I youtubed how to load nails into a framing gun. Thank goodness I did because the guy at the hardware shop didn't know how to load it which made me feel a bit more awesome.. haha. Being prepared builds up your confidence in the job and your work.

Are you a perfectionist and have average skill? If so then you might want to hire someone to do some of the finishes. When doing a bathroom reno... tiling is not the easiest DIY project and its expensive if you screw up.

There are some things I would NEVER do DIY and that is electrical and major plumbing. It doesn't matter how great of a job you do if you burn your place down or flood it. It really wont go over well. Make sure who you hire have their credentials and are insured. That way you and your family are covered.

Most importantly enjoy the journey. You will learn lots and reap the rewards regardless of how easy or hard it was to complete. If you are currently working on a project or planning on starting one I would love to hear all about it!!

Happy Renovating!!

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