I love marble!

I love tiles! It's amazing that world of tiles is so vast. There are so many styles and materials to choose from. We have been installing a lot of the marble style tile lately. I can see the appeal of a classic, crisp and white bathroom. White never really goes out of style.

I do suggest you do some research before you decide to use real marble or the faux. Real marble is BEAUTIFUL and super LUXE! It is also soft and porous. It needs to be taken care during your install. It scratches easily and corners can come chipped, even already cracked. Checking your boxes and sorting through the tile before install is a good idea. Since marble is natural stone you will get variations in colour and veining. The more expensive the tile you will likely get more consistency. Another reason why checking the boxes before install is a good idea. We highly recommend having the walls behind your tiles properly water sealed to ensure longevity. Have an excellent tiler do the job. Your tiles are an investment. Having them installed beautifully will make you giddy. After the install you must seal the tile. I can not stress this enough. Depending on your brand of sealant you will need to reseal the tile as per directions. Following that step will ensure your tiles are looking their best year after year.

After all that you must be wondering what about faux marble tiles? They are made of porcelain. Porcelain is a non porous material which means LOW maintenance. You also get consistency in colour and veining. Of course the price tag is smaller. It gives you the feel of luxury with the durability and cost savings.

Ultimately nothing replaces real marble's true beauty. For our every day lives it might not make sense to use the real thing.

If there's something you want to know about that hasn't been posted on our blog, send me a message. I'd love your feedback and suggestions.

*The picture above is of a gorgeous bathroom we recently did. We originally started out with real marble tiles. After opening the boxes and going through the tiles, our client was unhappy with the inconsistency in colour and the veining had some orange in it. It ultimately wasn't suitable for the vision of the bathroom. We switched to a porcelain tile which is still stunning!

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