Where do I start?

Start by having some FUN!! Go online and look at as many bathroom photos your eyes can handle! Save the ones that you like something about... design, colour scheme, fixtures. When you have narrowed down a look or two start doing your research. Find shops that will carry similar or actual products seen in your photo collection.

Check out these sites for some beautiful ideas:

What Products

to Use?

Think about things like longevity, maintenance and waterproofing when you make your choices. Theres luxury options like heated floors, air flow tubs and potlights in your shower to name a few. We use Schluter System products to create a long lasting waterproof barrier behind your shower/tub to make sure your investment is protected.

Ultimately the combinations are endless. Take the time to pick what is right for you.

We are here to help with the design, sourcing and creating the vision of your bathroom.

Want to know more about Schluter? Click their logo to go to their website!

The Right

Person for Your


You've looked at photos. You've done some product research. Now you have a fairly solid idea of what you want. Its time to call someone to do the job! We reccommend that you get a few quotes before making a decision.


When preparing for a quote we suggest you consider the following:

Have all photos and research ready and available for the person coming to do your quote

Make sure that every person that quotes you gets the same information. That way you get a more comparable quote (as they can vary a great deal)

Make notes during or after the quote to remember suggestions, any new ideas and your impression of the quoter/company.

When you recieve the quote, check what they are charging for. (for example: we only quote for building materials and labour. That way you can always get the best deal on all your bathroom stuff. Theres no contractor mark up)

When considering a bathroom make over, there is a fair amount of ground to cover. Everything from choosing major pieces such as tiles, vanity, toilet and tub. To paint colour and accessories. The cost can range dramatically in most of these areas depending on what quality and style you are looking for.